Can Lighting Installation Service

Can Lighting Installation

Is the lighting in your home no longer adequate? Are your lighting fixtures obsolete or do you find yourself without adequate light in the areas you need it most?

There are many reasons why you might wish to upgrade or refresh the lighting within your home and, lucky for you, Cutting Edge can assist you every step of the way.

Our team can handle any lighting needs you have at your home or commercial site, whether you have an existing fixture or need to install totally new wiring. Simply reach out to us and one of our professional, certified electricians will come to your location to determine the best course of action.

All you have to do now is sit back, relax, and wait for us to improve the lighting in any room of your home. Our professionals will do a home safety inspection to ensure that your home or business is safe for you and our employees, as well as to ensure that your electrical panel is operational and capable of handling any adjustments or updates to your lights.

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What is can lighting or recessed lighting?

Can lights otherwise known as recessed lights are installed into the ceiling, unlike the traditional lights. They are mostly ideal for rooms that have low ceilings since they do not eat up any space in the rooms. Recessed lights can however be used in all rooms: they can be used to provide more light to your kitchen space, for places where you need downlights like corridors, family rooms to create an ambient environment, and outdoors to give your home a unique view during the night.

Benefits of Installing Can Lighting

One of the major things we do at Cutting Edge Electric is help homeowner upgrade light fixtures whether they are doing remodeling or renovating their home. Switching from a hanging light fixture to can lighting might often be all that is required to completely transform a room. Can lighting has grown in popularity in recent years for a variety of reasons, one of which is that it makes a space appear larger. This makes it particularly popular in smaller areas or any room that requires a sense of spaciousness.


You can decide to use can or canisters recessed lights or the can-less ones. The can-less recessed lights do not have a can that holds the bulbs and the cables. Thus, it is compulsory to buy a whole new unit when you need a remodel or when your lights malfunction. However, the can-less recessed lighting takes up less space and is thus favorable for a home with a small ceiling or roof.

Contrarily, the canisters recessed lights are held in a small can hence the name. The canisters hold the bulb and the electric cables. They are favorable options if you do not like to interfere with electric cables due to the related dangers of electrocution. Moreover, the can recessed lighting option allows you to replace only your bulb when a malfunction occurs or when you need a remodel to change the look of your house.

Our professionals at Cutting Edge Electric Inc will help you to determine the best light for your house. They will measure your ceilings and ensure you pick the best option for your needs and ceiling size.

It is not a legal requirement to have a licensed electrician help with the installation of the recessed light bulb. thus, many people have tried DIYs when fixing recessed lighting in their houses especially for the can-less recessed lights. However, many of them have come to Cutting Edge Electric Inc after several failed attempts to join the wires and cables. Cutting Edge Inc ensures that you save on money and time while getting the best lighting in your house and room.

Recessed lighting has several benefits to a house. To begin with, recessed lighting housings have a cool ambiance that makes them attractive. There are various types of recessed lights depending on the location in the house and which room you want them installed. They are effective for task lighting. The light color temperature is one way to determine the type of light you want. The warm white is favorable for the kitchen, workspaces, and bathroom, the soft white is perfect for the bedroom and living rooms, the bright white color is good for a kitchen and bathroom with chrome or white fixtures, and the daylight color best suits your garage, basement, playroom, laundry room, and home office. The large variety helps you choose the best to brighten up your house.

Recessed lights can be of many different types including incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, LED, and line voltage. The number of recessed lights per switch will depend on the type. This is because the different types have ranging wattage. An incandescent or halogen lighting has a wattage of 60 which draws about a half amp. 30 recessed lights of this type can therefore be managed by a 15 amp switch or circuit breaker. An LED recessed light, on the other hand, has 20 amp for every 240 volts alternating current. Thus, a 15 amp circuit breaker or switch accommodates 180 or more LED recessed lights.

Yes, we offer can light LED replacement for all your housing needs. we help you when you want to transform from traditional lighting to recessed light housings. our professional electricians can install recessed lights into your existing ceiling or new construction. For the existing ceiling, the lights are installed by pushing a metal clip through the existing ceiling while for new construction the recessed lights fixtures are installed using nails or screws to the ceiling joists. however, accent lighting, light fixtures, junction box, ceiling framing, main electrical panel, general room lighting, tight spaces if it is impossible to locate the electrical wire through the ceiling, a remodel is used.

For overhead lighting, can or recessed lights are still the preferred option. Some consume less energy than others. Efficient solutions can save up to 80% on electricity compared to alternatives that produce the same amount of light and have a similar appearance.

Professional Can Lighting Installation in Idaho Falls

Can lighting should only be installed by trained professionals.  lt involves running or extending wires from the ceiling to the main line or a track. To avoid accidents and ceiling damage, this must be done carefully. There really is no need to paint or refinish can lights if they are put correctly, and they will blend in with any type of decor.  Cutting Edge Electric may also upgrade older recessed lighting fixtures with current LED lights. Call us today if you're interested in can or recessed lighting!
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Whether you need to accent your beautiful home, decorate for the holidays, provide extra security, or even just show team spirit, our Jellyfish lighting is the perfect solution.

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