6 Major Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Electrician

There are various factors that come into play when hiring a qualified electrician, including experience, reputation, and more. Without considering any of the above services, you can entrust an unreliable electrician who will do shoddy electrical projects or electrical work.

At Idaho Falls Electrician, we are dedicated to satisfying your family and business electrical needs. As a team of professional electricians, you can trust us to handle all your commercial and residential electrical needs.

We are consumer-oriented and for this reason, we have compiled vital questions you should ask before you hire an electrician in Eastern Idaho Falls.  

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Finding a Good Electrician: 6 Essential Questions to Ask

Before settling on an electrician, you should ask six crucial questions to land high-quality electrical service and electrical repairs:

May I See Your Electrician License?

One of the crucial questions to ask an electrician is a license to prove their authorization to operate. Every electrician can claim to be qualified, but showing you the proof is a different story. 

Ensure that you double-check that the license they provide to you is valid and that it is not expired. If you plan to have major re-wiring work carried out at your home or business, make sure you ask for a master’s license. It allows an electrician to fix both the electrical installation and design aspects of the job.

Does the Task Require a Permit?

You need to ask if they will accomplish a specific electrical job and whether they will be willing to get the permits if need beMost electrical repair and installation jobs require a work permit. Otherwise, working without one could land you and the electrician in chaos. It is important to note that it is the responsibility of the electrician to look for the permit but not you.

How Often Do You Do This Type of Work?

It is necessary to know whether the electrician is familiar with the specific project that you need to do. You will be frustrated to hire an electrician who has little or no experience in the project you want them to accomplish.  

Therefore, it would be best if you got clarification on what an electrician can do and what they cannot do, that is, their limitation. In case they offer specialty work in a timely manner, they should be in a position to provide their previous work as well as any references that back their job.

Is This a Long-Term Fix for My Problem?

You choose an electrician who will assure you of solving your problem and provide you with excellent service once and for all. A short-term remedy to your electrical fixtures issue will keep the problem recurring and subsequently become a financial menace.

Do You Offer a Job Guarantee?

You should only choose an electrician who will offer a warranty in case anything goes wrong after the job is done. A reputable Idaho falls electrician will provide a guarantee for allowing you to call them should a problem arises at no extra cost. However, the job guarantee is given within a specified period, regardless, a job guarantee is essential.

Will You Perform an Electrical Safety Inspection During the Job?

An electrical inspection entails checking whether an electrical panel or electrical system is overloaded and if they pose a threat. In this respect, you should hire only an electrician who will ensure your electricity is restored to full power. The electrician should give a recommendation as well as explanations of the implications of the inspection.

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