Why Have Custom Outdoor Lighting On Your Home?

Custom outdoor lighting will give a new look to your home in the dark. Outdoor lighting adds curb appeal and value as well as security. Special Jellyfish custom accent lighting will brighten your exterior with a design that is unique to your architecture and landscaping.

Front Yard Lighting

garden light installation

Outdoor lighting is always helpful and often necessary for security. But, it can be so much more than just a light over the front door and garage. Custom lighting will add beauty to your home during the evening and call attention to your home’s design. This includes lights that highlight your flowers, trees, and other plantings.

The lights can be installed anywhere. The Jellyfish lights are LED (light emitting diodes) that have a very long life. Each light contains three diodes that use less than one watt per light.

We offer 16 million different colors and hues, including white lights. This is the result of the semiconductor material in each diode, not the plastic cover. LEDs come in all colors and the diodes can be mixed in a single light to produce a special color. Dimming the light can also produce color variations.

You can select from 20 different movement designs for an animated effect. More than 100 different patterns are also available, and you can create new patterns. There are special designs for holiday lights, game day lights, and other occasions. The lights should be used all year.

They are controlled by you through an app on your mobile devices. You can have timers that turn lights on and off at preset times even if you are not home. A house that is lighted from the outside is a deterrent to intruders!

At Cutting Edge Electric, we create the best design for your home’s street front. The colors can blend with your exterior paint and stonework for brilliant illumination. Lights can be installed under the eaves of a roof or over a tree line. They can frame windows and doors. Custom outdoor lighting can also be used along fences and walls. Spell out your address or name with custom lights. Custom lighting can illuminate a lovely water element such as a fountain or pond.

Good front lighting is often necessary during the winter when snow covers the ground. Colorful lights along your driveway will help you find the garage even if the drive is covered with snow. Pathway lights are a major safety feature.

Backyard Lighting

You may spend the summers in your backyard enjoying a pool and/or spa tub. Your landscaping may include a waterfall or other water element that accompanies your pool or spa. This should be illuminated with custom lights that allow you to enjoy your backyard at night. Custom outdoor lights can also be used for your patio and backyard kitchen.

The right lighting will turn your yard into a mini resort. Your garden will come alive at night with lights that highlight your flowers, trees, and shrubs. The lights will add color to your garden even during the snowy days of an Idaho winter.


Your custom lighting should be installed by our professional electricians. We climb ladders and use professional equipment to install lights under eaves, soffits, and along the lines of your roof. We know exactly how to install special design patterns.  All wires are certified for outdoor use and carefully installed and connected to your home’s power supply. We can even replace any lights that burn out. You will be covered by our one-year warranty.

Our electricians know how to place the lights exactly where they are required for all designs and patterns. We show you how to use the controls for your custom lighting.

Contact us at Cutting Edge Electric in Idaho Falls. We also serve Blackfoot, Rigby, Ammon, Victor, and Shelley with electrical services.

Jellyfish Accent Lighting