Ceiling Heat Repair: Everything You Need To Know

Ceiling heat is an innovative and effective way to heat your house. This is a surface heating system where the entire surface of the ceiling emits radiant heat, making it possible for you to enjoy comfortable temperatures within your home. Instead of convection, ceiling heating relies on thermal radiation by applying infrared energy to various objects in the house.

However, this innovative technology requires servicing and repair consistently to keep it working optimally. Finding a specialist to repair the mechanical system when it fails is important. While certain repairs are simple, others require a more professional approach. Knowing who and where to go for ceiling heat repair is key to maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home. If you are looking for an electrician in Idaho, Cutting Edge Electric has you covered.

Where To Go For Repairs?

To identify and fix problems early and effectively, your ceiling heating system requires regular maintenance. An annual maintenance schedule of the entire system is recommended. When your ceiling heat system breaks down, you need it fixed as soon as possible.

Most people don’t know where to go or what to do when the ceiling heat is not functioning properly. This is a delicate situation that requires a certified electric repairman to perform the necessary repairs. You need to go for expert advice and services from certified professionals.

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How Does Radiant Ceiling Heating Work?

The room is heated to a comfortable temperature by radiating heat from the ceiling. It’s spread out across a large area, so it can handle low flow temperatures.

Ceiling heating is a type of surface heating that heats the entire surface area. Does ceiling heating make sense because hot air rises? It certainly does! Unlike radiators, they provide warm, radiant heat to the room. There is little convection due to the low surface temperatures.

Physics can help in this situation. Heat is transmitted through electromagnetic waves by radiation. The sun is the most important source of radiant heat. For ceiling heating, the rays spread out at right angles to the surface — in other words, from top to bottom. The waves are turned to heat when they strike a solid object, such as furniture, the floor, or a human body. The energy taken into the room is emitted as heat by solid objects.

What You Should Know About Ceiling Heat Repair

The ceiling heating system is an excellent system when it is working optimally. However, there are a few challenges that require a specialist repairman. Common challenges include:

  • Wiring connections
  • Thermostat issues
  • Broken heating elements that should be fixed by a certified electric repairman

When the system installer doesn’t do the wiring correctly, it does not produce sufficient heat. Incorrect wiring hinders electricity from moving in the circuits, leading to inadequate heating. A certified repairman should help you fix all connection issues.

It is important to check for continuity in the heating system to prevent the heating elements from breaking down. This normally affects older systems. Sometimes, bubbles form in the plaster that surrounds the thin wire and they overheat and burn out. Also, sagging drywall, as well as cracks, may lead to breaks in the heating element. People who carelessly drive screws into the ceiling sometimes damage the elements.

Additionally, radiant ceiling heaters have thermostats that operate differently from other heating systems. They have a 10 degrees Fahrenheit operating window that starts 5 degrees Fahrenheit below the temperature set. If the window is larger, it may need some adjustment. When the thermostat is broken the system cannot cycle on, thus the room remains cold.

To fix most of these issues, it’s always best to bring in a professional. Ceiling heat repair is normally done from the attic. The outer part of the drywall has to be cut to access the heating system for repairs. Once the repair is done, the drywall is patched back.

What Are The Benefits Of Ceiling Radiant Heat?

When electric radiant heat is installed properly, there are few benefits that can be felt instantly.

  • Ceiling heating produces radiant heat rather than convection heat. As a result, it’s quiet and doesn’t use any forced air.
  • Ceiling heating is unnoticeable, therefore furniture and artwork do not need to be considered while designing the interior space.
  • Ceiling heating can be added later if desired.
  • Unlike floor or wall heating, ceiling heating can release warmth without being obstructed by thick carpets or huge pieces of furniture.
  • During the summer, if the days and nights get too hot, the same ceiling-mounted cooling system can be employed to cool the room.
  • Because of the low flow temperatures, water-bearing ceiling heating can be operated using sustainable environmental heat from the earth, groundwater, or outside air using a heat pump.
  • Electric radiant ceiling heat can help you save up to 25% on your heating bills.

Can Any Electrician Repair Ceiling Heat?

As much as you may be tempted to go for just someone to fix your ceiling heating, you shouldn’t. You need a specialist who is trained and certified. Always look for someone with extensive knowledge as well as expertise to get the best services available.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Radiant Heating System?

Ceiling repair costs around $150 to $2,900. Smaller jobs are usually billed by project, and larger jobs are usually priced per hour.

Radiant heating repair prices may include replacing the entire heating system or only a portion of it. If you’re using radiant ceiling heat, this can be tricky. Heat can cause damage to your ceiling, so make sure your tiles can withstand higher temperatures.

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Your ceiling heat is not an accessory in your home but a necessity. Knowing how to take adequate care of your ceiling heating system ensures that your home remains warm. When your system breaks down, you should consider calling an expert to fix it.

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