Commercial vs. Industrial Electricians. What’s the Difference?

Electricians in Idaho Falls and across the country work in three different fields. There are industrial, commercial, and residential electricians, and although each professional has a background in electrical work, their jobs and fields of expertise are very different. Commercial and industrial electricians have very different skill sets, and each job requires unique training in order for the professional to be qualified in his field. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two, and who you should call when you need to hire an electrician. 

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What’s A Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician usually works in businesses like retail stores, restaurants, and offices, and their work usually involves the installation of power outlets and lighting. There are many more commercial electricians than industrial electricians since there is less training required for this position.

Some of the duties commercial electricians handle include:

  • Repairing internet and telephone lines

  • Electrical wiring work at new construction sites

  • Repairing parking lot lines

  • Electrical installation when remodeling a business

  • Electrical work at apartments

Commercial electricians use a three-wire system that allows each wire to carry less voltage. In residential locations, these electrical wires are usually hidden behind walls or in the rafters, but commercial electricians work with electrical components that are exposed. You can spot them along the ceilings and interior walls of businesses and office buildings. Sometimes, commercial electricians are required to work with high voltage systems, especially when they’re repairing large heaters or HVAC systems. Most often, they’re busy replacing outlets and ensuring that the lighting works.

What’s An Industrial Electrician?

Industrial Electricians, on the other hand, require extensive training, and oftentimes, must spend several years as an apprentice before getting a job in their field. Industrial electricians work with very high voltage systems that are very dangerous, complicated, and expensive. This includes locations like mines, factories, and chemical plants that have extensive electrical requirements. Some of these requirements include:

  • Variable frequency drives and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)

  • New construction for large businesses and facilities

  • Repairing complicated and extensive systems

An industrial electrician must have extensive knowledge about his or her field and must be extremely precise in the work that they do. Even the smallest mistake can be very dangerous and expensive, and it can cause issues with production and development, leading to enormous consequences. Additionally, they must carefully adhere to local, state, and national codes when performing repairs or a complete rewiring of an electrical system. This is why more training and on-site experience are required before a person can become a qualified industrial electrician.

How Are They Different?

Both industrial and commercial electricians must have a basic knowledge of electrical work, but that’s where their similarities end. Commercial electrical work is the more common of the two professions. Each field requires its professionals to have extensive training and experience in order to handle the uniquely dangerous and sensitive work that they’ll encounter on the job. An industrial electrician will especially need to take additional courses, on electrical equipment basics, wiring and electrical components, the building’s electrical system, and they’ll likely need to participate in an apprenticeship before beginning their career. This ensures that he or she will be qualified and ready to take on the dangerous work that an industrial electrician faces.

Commercial and industrial electricians are both necessary and needed, especially when you need an electrician to make repairs at your business. Cutting Edge Electric employs highly qualified professionals in both commercial and industrial fields, so we can successfully take care of all your electrical needs. We provide electricians near you who can be trusted to rewire, repair or create new wiring and electrical systems at your business or facility.  If you need to hire an electrician from an Idaho Falls electric company, or if you’ve got questions about your electrical repairs or system, contact us today. Our professionals would be happy to help.

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